For Collin Castore and Colin Vent of Seventh Son Brewing in Columbus, Ohio, the focus has unchangingly been on quality and unvarying resurgence over hype. Eight years on, the cadre brands they launched with are still strong performers for the brewery. They haven’t locked in those beers and let them languish over time. Instead, they’re constantly looking for small ways to increase quality, so that they taste as fresh today as when they launched the brewery in 2013.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • Using English ale yeast from Day One for IPAs and other ales
  • How their cadre brands have improved over the years, and what they’ve focused on improving withal the way
  • Articulating an idea of “better” for their established beers
  • Making ingredients like candi sugar
  • Avoiding infection from offshoot ingredients
  • Using a dosing vessel for everything from dry hops to coffee and spices
  • Different savor impacts from ingredients of variegated origins
  • The importance of environment on beer enjoyment
  • Taking a culinary tideway to flavor-forward beers

And more.

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