Sustainable tequila brand, Mijenta Tequila releases its most sectional and refined expression to date, Añejo Gran Reserva.



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Ana Maria Romero Mena
Mijenta Adds An Añejo Tequila To Its Collection, Its Finest One To Date
 the Maestra Tequilera who oversaw the unshortened minutiae process from sourcing the agave to hand-selecting the barrels, weather-beaten the spirit for 18 months in a series of hand-selected casks to create its unique and sophisticated savor profile.The ultra-premium small-batch spirit will be limited to 2,160 bottles in its first release.On the subtleties overdue its bespoke white-haired process, the Maestra Tequilera shared, “We ripened a unique tideway to create Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva that makes it unlike any other weather-beaten tequila. The process begins by permitting the tequila to mature in American white oak barrels surpassing it is transferred to French oak barrels, which uncork to develop its savor profile and texture. Further white-haired in acacia barrels enhances the soul while subtracting a light herbal and citrus note surpassing the final two months are completed in cherry oak casks – as opposed to the increasingly traditional sherry casks – which enhances the fruity notes. Importantly, Mijenta tequila never includes spare sweeteners or flavors – its taste profile comes entirely from the agave, traditional distillation methods and time spent maturing to perfection.”

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Created by Co-Founder and Director of Sustainability, Elise Som, Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva’s packaging diamond is inspired by the midnight undecorous sky in the highlands of Arandas where the Centzon Totochtin folk story is depicted under a glowing crescent moon.

Mijenta is unchangingly thoughtfully crafted with a transferral to environmental sustainability and support for the local community. All paper-related components (label and box) are made of agave waste and the organization is single-minded to sustainable practices, minimizing its environmental impact.


The Añejo joins Mijenta’s highly well-known Blanco and Reposado expressions. Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva is produced using the topnotch Blanco as its base, a limited quantity of which is reserved expressly to produce this spirit. The tequila undergoes an intricate 18-month white-haired process during which it matures in four variegated types of hand-selected casks, each of which brings a unique property to the final expression. This white-haired process creates a complex, intense and refined profile unshared from other añejo tequilas.

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