Fuji is a storied distillery that earns its name for a distinctly relevant reason: It’s the closest distillery to Japan’s Mt. Fuji, mere miles yonder from the wiring of the iconic peak. Fuji Single Grain Whiskey is a tousle of three variegated grain whiskeys produced at the distillery.

Per the distillery, “those variegated grain whiskeys are distilled in three variegated methods and possess their own unique savor profiles”:

• Bourbon style: using beer post and doubler stills, upper rye content in the mashbill
• Canadian style: using a kettle still in a batch process, creating a rich profile
• Scotch style: using five variegated post stills, with continuous distillation, for a lighter style

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Presented with no age statement, we were fortunate to taste this unique single grain whiskey, just now launching for the first time in the U.S., via Zoom, guided by Fuji’s master distiller Jota Tanaka.

The nose is gentle but grain-forward, providing a modest whiffy profile that hints only tangentially at fruit elements, increasingly charred whisk notes drowning out the stone fruit, slightly syrup-laced, underneath. The palate shifts gears completely. Here fruit wholly takes over the experience. So many grain whiskeys have a tired quality of squushy breakfast cereal that dominates the palate, but Fuji feels incredibly lively and focused on its world and pear elements, notes of brown sugar and butterscotch — touched lightly with florals — dominating completely. Much increasingly overtly enjoyable than your typical grain whiskey bottling — plane most very well-aged ones — Fuji proves once then that Japan knows its way not just virtually distilling but moreover blending. Exceptional stuff.

92 proof.

A- / $95 / fujiwhisky.com

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