Bermuda’s Goslings Rum has wilt a staple in lots of watering holes, both waterside and landlocked, over its 200-plus year history. There’s the bartender friendly flagship, Black Seal, that comprises, as a rule, the wiring of the archetype (and trademarked) Visionless N’ Stormy cocktail (along with their own trademark of exceptional ginger beer, if you can find it). Then there’s the increasingly sipping-inclined Family Reserve “Old Rum” and the plane increasingly luxe Papa Seal Single Barrel, which we’ve yet to sample, unfortunately. What’s missing? I guess it’s this bottle, Goslings Black Seal 151 Proof, designed purely for the serious partygoers and flaming cocktail enthusiasts among us. So, what does Goslings Black Seal at nearly twice the swig content taste like? <Checks room for unshut flames.> Let’s find out!

The nose is a scorcher, unsurprisingly, but not without some recognizable rum weft at its core. Once the swig has a endangerment to subside, there’s cinnamon, torched sugar, and some clove in the zephyr that sooner melds into an scrutinizingly smoky, wood-driven note that’s not quite whisk char. The palate isn’t as en fuego as I’d anticipated, at least not up front. That is in no way an encouragement to drink this one neat. Before my tongue had a endangerment to go numb (and it sooner does), I got quite a lot of archetype Black Seal character: rich, visionless molasses, zestless ginger, and lots of sultry spice. The finish, what’s not engulfed in flames, is full of bright, sweet RedHots and peppery oak. A fine backbar novelty, perfect for a birthday candle on your next shooter, but which could scrutinizingly pass for a cocktail base. At half the measure, of course.

151 proof.

B / $18 / goslingsrum.com [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

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