Four Pillars Laboratory to Open in Sydney

Four Pillars Laboratory is set to open in Surry Hills on Friday, June 12 the eve of World Gin Day, a multi level venue comprised of a Gin Shop, Gin Lab and Eileen’s Bar.

Four Pillars Laboratory: Cameron Mackenzie, James Irvine, Stu Gregor and Matt Jones – Photo Supplied

Located at 410 Crown Street, Surry Hills in the Bussell Brothers building, Four Pillars Laboratory will incorporate a Gin Shop, Gin Lab featuring a working experimental still (Eileen, named after co-founder Matt’s mother), and a cocktail bar, Eileen’s Bar.

All three elements will be open for business from Friday, June 12 ready for what has been unofficially re-named ‘World Gin Weekend’.

The overarching development of the Surry Hills Laboratory has been led by Four Pillars Co-founder Matt Jones and Experience Director Leah Mackenzie, in concert with Yasmine Ghoniem from YSG Studio (formerly Amber Road). Eileen’s Bar is the love child of Four Pillars Creative Drinks Director James Irvine, who collaborated on the bar design through virtual reality with world-leading, Oslo-based bar design agency Behind Bars, led by Jaye O’Dwyer.

Four Pillars Laboratory: Gin Shop

The Gin Shop on the ground floor will feature all the signature and limited-edition Four Pillars Gins. Alongside the bar gear, are books, merch and Made From Gin marmalade and chocolate.

The Four Pillars Gin Shop will be open from 10am-6pm every day.

Four Pillars Laboratory: Gin Lab

Upstairs from the Gin Shop, in the Gin Lab, the first thing to catch the eye is the 70L German engineered Carl copper still, Eileen, ready to make small batches of bespoke gin in a subtly-lit room that will host bookable gin, distiller and cocktail masterclasses. Eileen is named after Matt Jones’ mother and was in situ at Four Pillars Distillery in Healesville for the past three years before making her journey to Sydney earlier this month. The Lab also features its own full bar sitting  beneath four fibreglass sphere pendants, a tribute to the signature four dots of Four Pillars.

The Lab will offer all-day gin drinks for walk-in customers including the much-loved Four Pillars G&T Paddle (three different gins, three garnishes and a bottle of Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic) alongside a collection of gin classics including a regularly-changing martini, a Negroni and the spicy Little Red Snapper.

The Four Pillars Gin Lab will be open from 10am-6pm every day.

Eileen’s Bar

Look out for a separate, discreet door on the corner of Fitzroy and Crown Street, where keen-eyed visitors will spot a doorstep with four projected dots upon it and a simple copper brick welcoming you inside. If you can open the door, then Eileen’s Bar is open for business.

Climb the ‘Juniper Blue’ stairwell and you’ll find a bar that combines aesthetic beauty, cocktail-making capabilities, gin drinks (plus a few not-gin drinks too) and Four Pillars’ trademark warmth and hospitality.

At the heart of Eileen’s Bar is a stunning asymmetrical, Juniper Blue concrete bar with three bar stations and 20 stools. There will also be tables for small groups, comfortable banquettes and a set of three cosy two-tops in the shadows at the back of the bar.

James Irvine has designed a drinks menu of gin classics and modern masterpieces utilising the full Four Pillars family of gins. There is also a range of snacks designed by Made From Gin maestro Matt Wilkinson and a curated selection of beer, cider and wine from several of Four Pillars’ best mates in the business.

Eileen’s Bar will be open from 5pm-midnight, Wednesday through Saturday.

More to come.

Please note: Current capacities in the Gin Shop, Gin Lab and Eileen’s Bar will be restricted according to NSW state-mandated Covid-19 protocols so numbers will be strictly limited.

Four Pillars Laboratory
Address: Bussell Brothers Building, 406-410 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: +61 2 9062 8430

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