Penicillin Hot Toddy

The Hot Toddy has its place as a winter warmer but once you’ve tried the Penicillin Hot Toddy, there’s no going back.

Penicillin Hot Toddy – Photo © Cocktails & Bars

The humble Hot Toddy meets Sam Ross‘ Penicillin with a splash of warm apple cider.

The recipe is simple to prepare. There’s no shaking, straining or throwing involved. We’ve taken Sam Ross’ Penicillin recipe and modified it into a hot toddy with a small measure of apple cider which gives the drink more depth. Lemon juice, ginger, honey and apple cider are left to infuse over gentle heat before the whiskies are added. You can alter the apple cider to hot water ratio to your liking, keeping in mind the cider adds more sweetness to an essentially sour style of drink.

The drink is garnished with a fresh slice of ginger but if you have candied ginger on hand, you can use it instead.

This hot whisky cocktail is warming, comforting and makes an ideal nightcap to enjoy on cold winter nights.

Penicillin Hot Toddy Recipe

Recipe adapted by Cocktails & Bars


  • 45ml blended whisky
  • 20ml lemon juice, freshly squeezed
  • 20ml honey ginger water (2 discs of fresh ginger, 10ml honey and 10ml hot water)
  • 90ml hot water
  • 30ml warm apple cider
  • 5ml peated whisky

Glassware: mug
Garnish: ginger on a skewer


In a small sauce pan, add lemon juice, 10ml of honey and 10ml water, ginger and muddle to extract the juice. Over very low heat, add the hot water and warm apple cider and leave to infuse for around 5 minutes. Make sure the mixture doesn’t boil. Remove from the heat and pour into a warm mug. Stir in the blended whisky then add the peated whisky as a float on top. Garnish with a piece of skewered ginger or candied ginger.

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