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Lockdown Cocktails & a Bottle of… Rum

Lockdown Cocktails & a Bottle of Rum is the second part of our series of cocktails for the home bartender with just one spirit and fresh or pantry ingredients.

Lockdown Cocktails & a Bottle of… Rum – Photo © Cocktails & Bars

Following from Lockdown Cocktails & a Bottle of… Gin, here are 14 rum cocktail recipes for the home bartender using one bottle of spirit, fresh / pantry ingredients and no other alcoholic spirits aside from aromatic bitters.

Rum is a complex spirit category and we’re well aware of various style of rum be it light, dark, spiced, rhum agricole and so on. For the purpose of this lockdown cocktail series, we’re putting it all under the same umbrella while stating the style of rum in the cocktail recipes.

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