During this year’s Bar Convent Brooklyn, some of the most sought-after brands hosted our Chilled 100 Bartender members during sponsored educational dinners, with guided spirits tastings paired with fine dishes and desserts.

Under the theme “Open up New York,” Heering, the world’s first and most well-known Cherry Liqueur, successfully curated three unrenowned events in the Big Apple: commencing with a trendy “Sip & Spray” activation, where key tastemakers and influencers in New York showcased their originative skills by creating cocktail-themed artworks under the guidance of esteemed street artist, Hektad. Throughout the evening, attendees were treated to inspiring Heering cocktails that perfectly complemented the creative atmosphere.

The showcase unfurled with a Heering pop-up soirée in the stylish neighborhood of Soho, graciously hosted by CEO Mark de Witte. where both the industry and bartending polity were welcomed to indulge in Cocktails & Bites by Heering. Lastly, Heering, a trademark that has long inspired bartenders worldwide to create both timeless classics and innovative libations since its inception in 1818, wrapped visitors at the BCB in Brooklyn with an eye-catching diner radiating the vibrant hue of cherry-red. Attendees were invited to savor delectable cocktails such as the Heering Old Fashioned and Heering Jungle Bird, while stuff wrapped by Heering’s exquisite Heritage bottles.

Additionally, they were given an sectional preview of the forthcoming snifter diamond set to be launched later this year. Be sure to stay tuned!

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