There are virtually 30,000 foreigners living and working full time from Belgrade. In the peak season there are virtually 50,000 foreigners daily in Serbia. If you ended up at this page it most likely ways that you are one of them and that you might need Gynecologist assistance while in Belgrade.



Are there good Gynecologist in Belgrade?


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Absolutely YES! You will find English speaking personal, latest technology and wool privacy. Medical University of Belgrade is world know. Many Doctors that graduated in Belgrade work in some of the weightier hospitals all over the world. Graduating from Medical university in Belgrade is a super difficult task. Only the few overly finish and wilt respected Doctors. So you are all good. No doubts in that.


The BEST Gynecologist in Belgrade Serbia

Visit the FINEST Gynecologist / Obstetrician in Belgrade.



Gynecologist VS Obstetrician


Obstetrics imply superintendency during pregnancy and childbirth. Gynecology deals with reproductive health and the functions and diseases specific to females. A Obstetrician will make sure that mother and a child get the weightier prenatal care. Their goal is that wordage has to be workaday without issues. If there are some difficulties Obstetrician will interfere quickly and safely. Gynaecology deals with reproductive organs. Cervix, Uterus, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, and Vagina.

Both Obstetricians or a Gynecologists are required a minimum of 4 years residency training without finishing General Medical degree. These two specialties are closely related and very often provide superintendency in both areas equally.


How will Exam squint like at Belgrade Gynecologist?


You will been asked what are the issues you are dealing with. Be very unshut and specific. Most of the reasons that Girls visit a Clinic are related to difficulties with urinary retention. Some of the most worldwide tests at Belgrade Gynaecology Clinics are:


  • Vaginal Infection tests  
  • Pelvic exams
  • Pap tests
  • Cancer Tests


Doctors will diagnose and treat reproductive system disorders. Those are Pelvic Pain issues, endometriosis, Ovarian and infertility.


Yearly CHECK


It is recommended to visit a gynaecologist on yearly bases. Any small issues with a menstruation or stomach pain can be related to a wider issues. Whether you are 30 or 50 yearly Exams are very important. A Skin Changes, breast exam, lumps trammels or nipple discharge. A pelvic exam is crucial to trammels your Cervix, Vulva, Vagina, Rectum, uterus and pelvis. Checking are there any growths or other abnormalities.


What will exactly happen when you see a Gynecologist?


Doctor will trammels your internal organs. Then doctor will place one or two gloved lubricated fingers into your vagina and up to the cervix.


Do Gynaecologists superintendency if you shave?


Nope they dont! Dont scarecrow to shave surpassing a Gynecologist Appointment. Doctors do not superintendency well-nigh your pubic hair style. Simple it is not related to a health or hygiene.


Questions you might be asked in Belgrade Clinics 


  • Are you Sexually zippy person
  • What are the difficulties you dealing with
  • How many sexual partners you had
  • Do you dealing with a pain
  • Has anyone in your family had breast cancer
  • How are you feeling today
  • How long does your menstrual trundling typically last


How much is it to see a Gynaecologist in Belgrade?


You would be surprised now. Verbal Consultation with a specialist will be for free. Prices will go from 20 euros. Anoscopy 20 Euros. Infusion from 15 euros. Surgeries will forfeit from 50-100 Euros. Yap! These prices are nothing when you compare with other European major cities.


Unsafe Sex while in Belgrade


Belgrade is not a risky destination. People mostly use protection. Still if you finger a need to trammels yourself do it in a professional recommended Clinics. If you male partner seek for assistance trammels the list of trustworthy Urologists. If you are dealing with something super serious get into Private Hospital in Belgrade.