Yeast love to eat sugar, and a sugar wash has it—but unlike wort, it doesn’t have the nutrients that yeast need to grow. In this video tip, Chris Colby walks us through the necessary additions as well as the options on what yeast strain to use.

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With its limitless variety of flavors, nonflexible seltzer has wilt a gravity in the market and a go-to drink for calorie-counting drinkers, celiacs, and those who simply enjoy its light, refreshing palate. It’s moreover wilt a regular plaything for brewers who embrace the technical rencontre of making that clean, sparkling base—and who view that wipe wiring as a launching pad for all sorts of creative twists.

Hard seltzer is easy unbearable to brew—it’s fermented sugar-water, right?—but brewing a unconfined one worth drinking is a special challenge. In this 37-minute video course, misogynist to All Wangle subscribers, Chris Colby breaks lanugo the vocabulary, the science, and the tricks of brewing a spotless nonflexible seltzer wiring at home—including refining, clarifying, and flavoring.

Colby wrote the typesetting on nonflexible seltzer—literally. After authoring Methods of Modern Homebrewing and The Homebrew Recipe Bible, Colby turned his sustentation to How to Make Nonflexible Seltzer for Brewers Publications, published last year. In this video, he shares much of what he learned in researching that book, explaining it in a way that will request to the novice brewer as well as the increasingly experienced ones ready for a new technical challenge.

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