PATRÓN Perfectionists finalist Leah Dunnigan from The Baxter Inn in Sydney and her cocktail ‘Scotland’s Yards’

Over the last couple of months, PATRÓN Perfectionists presented an heady bartender education and engagement program and in return the bartenders of Australia have delivered some wondrous cocktails! 157 inspired bartenders submitted their PATRÓN Perfectionists entry and the quality is impressive.

This year’s competition entry rencontre tabbed ‘PAINT THE WORLD PATRÓN PALOMA’ asked bartenders to create a PATRÓN PALOMA serve worthy of their favourite city. The drink was to contain PATRÓN Reposado, soda water and a succulent well-turned cordial, flavoured with grapefruit, inspired by their municipality of choice. The initial entry submissions were judged on appeal, appearance, inspiration, and originality.

Alex Godfrey, PATRÓN Tequila Brand Ambassador and Advocacy Execution Executive said: “Travelling to the thirty shortlisted venues and hearing the bartender’s stories well-nigh their cocktails and enjoying the incredible drinks has been a wonderful experience. Across the country I have been squandered yonder by how the connections of the chosen cities have been brought to life. My skillet list now has many increasingly cities on it!”

Congratulations to the ten bartenders moving through to the final challenges of the PATRÓN Perfectionists:

  • Benjamin Thomson from The Rechabite in Perth and his cocktail ‘Kintsugi Paloma’
  • Finn Sugrue from Nectar in Geelong and his cocktail ‘Repertoire’
  • Jarah Retana from El Primo Sanchez in Sydney and his cocktail ‘Ikigai Paloma’
  • Kayla Saito from the The Mulberry Group (Hazel, Dessous, La Cantina, Common Ground Project, Liminal) in Melbourne and her cocktail ‘I’iwi’
  • Leah Dunnigan from The Baxter Inn in Sydney and her cocktail ‘Scotland’s Yards’
  • Martin McConnell from Frog’s Hollow Saloon in Brisbane and his cocktail ‘The Neapolitan Way’
  • Nick Corletto from Maybe Mae in Adelaide and his cocktail ‘Shimokita Showdown’
  • Samuel Cocks from RE in Sydney and his cocktail ‘Myoho Asari’
  • Storm Evans from Cantina OK! in Sydney and his cocktail ‘Palome’
  • Tom Opie from Odd Culture in Sydney and his cocktail ‘Stone Hijuelos’

Both Martin McConnell and Storm Evans competed in the final last year and are when to try their luck then in 2023. Martin, Storm and the other eight finalists will now present their entry rencontre cocktail in wing to flipside rencontre over two days of final judging in Sydney in November. The Australian winner will be spoken at a triumph party in mid-November.