Just steps from the splashy fountains at the famed Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vega lies a throwback supper club known for a menu that harkens when to turn-of-the-century culture well-constructed with toe-tapping music that ranges the gamut from jazz, swing, and dance— and plane a couple showgirls spinning on the ceiling.


The Mayfair Supper Club is a prohibition-era good time and that includes a swish cocktail menu. And one can’t have matriculation without some champagne.


“Adding a archetype champagne cocktail to the opening cocktail program of The Mayfair was an wool must,” says General Manager Fabian Forlini. “Everyone celebrates with champagne and there is no largest place in Vegas to gloat than here at the Mayfair.”



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As a result, the crown jewel of Forlini and the Mayfair team’s expansive menu is the delectable and inherently Instagram-able libation simply dubbed the Champagne Cocktail, though it’s so popular it’s whence to be known as The Mayfair. Since we’re in Vegas, it had to be a showstopper, so this is a unique glass of deliciousness with a surprise ingredient. “It couldn’t be your stereotype champagne cocktail,” says Forlini. “We decided to add a fun twist and incorporate a cotton snacks ‘cloud,’ considering honestly, who doesn’t love cotton candy?”


The result is an explosion of verisimilitude that counts as a repast for both the mouth and eyes.



Here’s how it all comes together

Strawberry Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail Recipe by Tasty | Recipe | Cotton  candy drinks, Cotton candy cocktail, Cotton candy champagne

Quality champagne

“We offer a split Nicolas Feuillate Brut Champagne,” says Forlini. “The split, or 187 ML (quarter snifter of champagne), held at an optimal temperature of between 48-50 degrees, allows the guest to have that little extra, which is unchangingly appreciated. We pour a little at the bar and indulge the guest to pour the rest tableside.”


Complimentary ingredients

Aside from the bubbly stuff, the cocktail is moreover made with Angostura bitters and a soaked sugar cube. “An initial first pour allows the champagne to settle considering when you pour champagne too fast on top of the sugar cube, an overflow will occur so it must be poured slowly and with patience.”


The showstopper

Aside from the champagne, the star of the show here is a plop of fresh cotton candy. “It’s made daily here at the Bellagio by our topnotch pastry team,” explains Forlini. “What’s wonderful well-nigh the cotton snacks is that since everyone’s sweetness level is variegated you can add as much or as little cotton snacks to your cocktail to retread the sweetness levels to your preference.”


A final touch

“We gently rub the champagne flute with a lemon wedge and tenderly wrap the cotton snacks virtually the glass into the shape of a cloud.” Bust out your cameras: the result is a social media sensation. “Not only is the drink succulent and a perfect match for our décor, it has quickly wilt the most Instagram-able cocktail at The Mayfair since opening.”

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